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Training Technique

Fitness Training Technique

Training technique is the optimum performance of a particular exercise, targeting the intended muscle group in a manner that has the most chance of benefit, with the least chance of injury.

Training technique is a key element lacking in the implementation of many exercise routines in gyms and health clubs across our nation. If you doubt the veracity of my statement, simply go to a local gym or health club and spend just 30 minutes observing the exercise mechanics of various individuals working out!

Too often I have observed well intentioned individuals using atrocious technique on potentially beneficial exercises, resulting in a lack of progress and, in many cases, causing themselves serious injury!

By working with an experienced Personal Trainer you can master a variety beneficial training techniques which will result in you avoiding serious injury, whilst also hastening your results.

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Below are workout instructions on how to perform popular exercise routines correctly to properly and safely workout your body:


Training Tip: REST-PAUSE

Why use it: If you’re stuck at a particular weight week after week on a particular exercise, or you have a body part that needs a kick in the pants, rest-pause can be just the way to take the muscle beyond failure and shock it into action.

When: Part of Strength Training Basics. Rest-pause is not something to include in every set of every single workout. But you don’t have to shy away from it, either. Save it for those days when you really want to kick your workout up a notch, or incorporate it into one exercise per body part within your regular routine about every third time you work that body part.

How: Do as many normal reps as you can until you reach momentary muscular failure. Then rest in the “down” position for three or four seconds, take a deep breath, and attempt to complete a few more reps. Make sure to do these extra reps under full control with good form. If you can’t, stop the set—it’s not worth an injury.

What exercises are best: Rest-pause is a very versatile technique. It can be applied to any exercise rather safely, but don’t use it on your first move for a body part. You need to give your muscles a chance to warm up before hitting them with an intensity booster such as this.

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