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Setting Your Unique Personal Goals

Setting Your Unique Personal Fitness Goals

In getting the most out of your experience with your Personal Trainer, it is helpful to establish your unique specific, and realistic personal goals.

For instance a realistic, specific goal might be "I need to lose 3 inches from my waist and lose 20 lbs in the next 90 days, in order to look my best for my wedding day". In contrast, an unrealistic, non-specific goal might be "I want to tone up and firm up, so I can look like Madonna in her latest pop video".

A good idea is to utilize your Trainer's experience and expertise in formulating your specific and realistic goals. Most Personal Trainers will offer a potential client a free complimentary consultation. This typically involves assessing your starting baseline by taking several body measurements (using a tape measure -- waist, hips, shoulders, limbs), measuring your body composition (also known as body fat percentage), and also assessing your unique health/medical considerations.

With this information in hand, both you and your Trainer can mutually establish measurable, specific and realistic goals!

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