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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can be achieved by doing the following things on a regular basis:

Exercise -- striking a balance between cardio (aerobic) and Strength/Resistance Training

Eating healthy foods -- fresh fruits and vegetables, high fiber whole grains, and lean sources of dairy, fish, meat poultry

Avoiding unhealthy foods -- especially processed foods high in fat and sugar

Managing your stress levels -- engaging in relaxing hobbies and recreational pursuits

Getting enough sleep -- in most cases 6 to 8 hours sleep per night

Drinking sufficient plain water -- in most cases at least 8 glasses per day

Keeping an optimistic view on life

Laughing, having fun, and keeping a sense of humor!

The rewards of leading a healthy lifestyle are too numerous to mention. Working with a good Personal Trainer can help you re-focus your life and begin to address developing some of the above habits in your life.

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