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Real world fitness is the ability of an individual to move his/her own bodyweight -- pulling, pushing, and jumping -- through various planes of motion.

For instance, how many people exercise on a regular basis in fancy health clubs yet are unable to jump up and haul themselves over a wall? Too often the sterile, "machine-centric" exercise routines practiced by many individuals yields little, if any, real world benefit.

By practicing on a regular basis moving our bodies through a variety of planes of motion we become stronger and more coordinated and achieve a sense of personal accomplishment. Also, this translates to improving the quality of our lives outside the gym -- common physical tasks become easier to perform and our confidence in the face of physical adversity increases tremendously.

In many cases, mastering real world fitness results in a more pleasing "cosmetic" result than if one focuses on a cosmetic outcome in the first place -- the ancient Greeks and Romans only engaged in real world fitness and, from their pictures and statues, it is clear how pleasing their bodies came to appear as a result!

What kind of training you do depends on the goals you set for yourself. Losing weigth requires different routines than adding muscle. Getting fit takes a different approach than getting strong or sculpting your body. When you work with your trainer, you will learn the proper exercises for achieving the results that you seek.

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