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Fitness Results

Fitness Results

personal trainer and clients
Me at the gym with clients

When selecting your Personal Trainer, it is a prudent idea to ask the Trainer about his client testimonials.

Your Personal Trainer should keep a portfolio of his past/present clients' success stories, in terms of their positive results from having worked with the Trainer. Client photos and/or letters should be included in this portfolio.

In addition, your Trainer should be willing to give you at least a few of names and numbers of these testimonials, so you can call and verify the accuracy of the portfolio and stories.

Before and After Pictures

"God grant us the power to change the things we can change, the strength to accept the things we can not change, and the wisdom to know the difference."

The lady below came to me wanting to "look great in a swimsuit for the summer". We trained twice a week for 5 weeks to achieve her goals. She is very happy with her results and agreed to share them:

female abs before picturefemale abs after picture
client before picture                               client after picture
                                               (click to enlarge)

"Thank you so much John! You really made a difference in my life. I get so many compliments, I love it!! My self esteem has definitely gotten a boost! Thank you for all your help. I never knew working out could be so effective and enjoyable with proper guidance! Thank you!" ~Laurie

Below is one of my more dedicated client's amazing results. When this gentleman first contacted me, he was very frustrated. He had been going to the gym several times a week for many years, but was not achieving the results he desired. During his initial consultation, I found that he was not using the right equipment or rep cycles to build the muscle he wanted. We set up a very effective high intensity strength training program to radically transform his body. Under my professional guidance, he went from average to having a rock hard sculpted physique.

undevelped muscle
undeveloped back prior to training
developed muscles
 high intensity strength training results
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NOTE: pictures and testimonials used with permission.

If you are interested in improving your body, call me at 561-843-1637 or click to email me:
If you are interested in seeing my full results portfolio, I would be happy to show it to you and also discuss with you what we can accomplish for you, call me at 561-843-1637 or click to email me:

Tips To Improve Your Results

5 ways to improve your fitness results

1. Eat less as the day goes on. Actually, there are a couple of ways to look at this. Your metabolism ebbs toward day's end, so treat yourself to a large, healthful breakfast-even your second meal of the day can be hearty-but thereafter start tapering your meals. Alternately, if you want to keep your metabolism hyped, consider this approach: Your first meal or two should contain a large amount of complex carbohydrates-rice, oatmeal, potatoes-then slowly shift from complex carbs to "wet" carbs. With this approach, your final meal of the day would consist of protein and gobs of lettuce, tomatoes, asparagus and other high-fiber, water-rich vegetables, but hardly any starchy carbs. Also, make sure not to cut back on your protein, eating no less than 4 ounces per sitting.

2. Supplement. Most weight-loss programs may not deliver all the micronutrients your body needs to keep the fat fires burning. It takes mere seconds to pop a multivitamin, and it's one of the best investments you can make. Make sure it has high levels of antioxidants (such as vitamins C and E), which you need more of now that you're exercising and burning off fat.

3. Be more active during your day. Walk to lunch, use the stairs, lose your remote control. Incidental activity throughout the day can burn a lot of calories.

4. Deal with stress. Stress increases hormones-such as cortisol-which lower your testosterone and cause you to store fat instead of burn it. Try golf, yoga, reading, meditation, boxing, listening to music, or anything else that helps you tackle your stress. Keep in mind that the strain of a long commute to and from work will also raise your cortisol levels. Consider changing your travel times. For example, go for a run after work, then drive home when the traffic has died down.

5. Get your z's. Sleep is as important as exercise and good food. Studies have shown that sleep-deprived people have slower metabolisms and higher levels of cortisol. Naps count too!

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