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Finding the right trainer for you is important. You want to be comfortable with and confident in your trainer. The first step in finding your trainer is to make sure the trainer you choose is professionally certified. There are several reputable certification organizations, such as ACE. And there are a number of ways you can seek out a Personal Trainer.

First, is the referral method. If you are lucky enough to know of a friend or relative who already has an effective, certified, Personal Trainer, ask them for an introduction to their Trainer!

Second, you can contact one of the major Personal Training Certification organizations, such as American Council On Exercise (A.C.E.), and ask them for a list of Personal Trainers in your area, who have their particular Certification. You can either call such an organization, or check out their web-site for more information. In selecting a particular Trainer with their certification, be sure to inquire how long the Trainer has been certified!

Third, you can walk into a major Gym or Health Club and ask the manager for information on Personal Trainers working at their location. Believe it or not, this is the least desirable method for finding an effective Trainer. Quite often the manager will use your inquiry as a method of luring you into a long-term costly membership at their club. Also, many Health Clubs employ Trainers with marginal qualifications and act as the "middle man" between you and your Trainer. In other words, you end up paying the club for a number of sessions in advance, and they only pay the Trainer a fraction of the fees you paid! For instance, one of the largest national Health Club chains in the United States does actually employ Trainers with NO CERTIFICATION whatsoever, and charges members up to $96 per session, at the same time paying the Trainer as little as only $19 per session! As a result, the client is over-paying, and the Trainer is under-motivated. This is hardly a good recipe for an effective partnership with your Trainer.

In addition to finding a trainer with professional aptitude, it is also important that you feel comfortable with your trainer on a personal level. The best way to find out if you can see yourself working with your new personal trainer is to talk to him/her personally about your goals, and see if you feel comfortable and confident about your trainer and the new training program.

If you are in located in Boca Raton Florida, you can personally contact me by clicking here: Boca trainer contact.

ACE offers a national database of all their trainers, you can use this form on their website to look for one in your area:


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